By placing any order shall consent to the following terms and conditions which describe the user’s rights and obligations when using these services. The user should read them carefully and be sure the understands and agrees with the following terms and conditions:

General Rules

  • Users must provide the correct account details and other personal information. All transfers to wrong accounts/addresses or worng networks due to the input of incorrect details or other erroneous information provided by the user shall not be refundable. We are not authorized to retrieve digital currencies placed in another user’s account or wrong detalis.


  • We will be done your request from our queue and maybe take more time from our estimated.

You can see our estimate below

Cryptos 1-8 hours.

WebMoney 1-8 hours.

Perfect Money 1-8 hours.

Payeer 1-8 hours.

PayPal 1-24 hours.


  • We don’t offer any security or guarantee of payment once it successfully done. although if anything happened like return or dispute, then we will corporate as much possible to solve the issue but there will be No refund from our end. We ensure our clients that in case of dispute or payment reversal we always do security measurements at our best level, if the problem is caused by our service we do not provide guarantee for Resolution but will be working for you to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. We are not responsible for any order or deal which is done on Skype, twitter or Facebook or any Social Media.




  • We don’t ask you to send KYC in general, but in order to be able to communicate with you, we need your correct email address also in some case (specially for large amount) we may ask you for documents.


Refund Policy


  • We don’t accept refund PayPal for any reason. If we decided to accept your refund you will pay 20% as a fine, Min: 20 USD. You are not allowed to refund PayPal without contacting us before refund and make sure that we accept your refund. Also, we are not responsible for losing your money.


  • Refunds are not possible for all transactions Cryptocurrency, Webmoney, PerfectMoney and all purchases are services. If we decided to accept your refund you will pay 5% to 25% as a fine, Min: 20 USD.


  • Any kind of approved refund due to any reason can only be claimed within 5 business days of your request, if your refund approved, it can take 1 to 5 business days for payment which depends on nature of refund.



Force major


  • MagnetPays ( will not be responsible for the consequences of force majeure circumstances, when the Service can stop operating for an indefinite period of time. Examples of force majeure situations shall include: natural disaster, threat of war, armed conflict, hostile attacks, military embargoes, acts of a foreign enemy, general military mobilization, hostilities, declared and unannounced war, actions of the social enemy, perturbation, acts of terrorism, sabotage,  intrusion, blockade, power failure, failure hardware or software system equipment, hack or virus attack, system overload, serious disorder of hardware device or software system equipment, serious failure of hardware or software system, loss of Internet connection, damage to the admin account, the account virus attack, etc.