King of Rock Elvis Presley Enters Metaverse with The Sandbox

King of Rock Elvis Presley Enters Metaverse with The Sandbox

King of Rock Elvis Presley Enters Metaverse with The Sandbox

Today, The Sandbox announced King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley’s entry into the Metaverse and we truly can’t help falling in love!!

The Sandbox announced that it would collaborate with Elvis On-Chain to welcome Elvis Presley to the virtual world.

Elvis Presley Enterprises and Run it Wild, a Web3 studio are coming together for the project. Decentraland, Metakey, Dappraft, and Voxel Architects, as well as The Sandbox, are also on board for the project. 

1,935 Elvis Genesis Key NFTs will be released to commemorate Elvis Presley’s birthday. The NFTs will be released as an all-access pass to the Elvis-On-Chain Metaverse, which will be launched on June 1.

The Sandbox is already working with Voxel Architects to build Elvis avatars. The avatars will be used in the new Elvis universe, a meeting place for Elvis fans across the globe. In this new universe, users can take over the role of ‘The King’ and interact with others and trade digital relics.

After the genesis NFTs are minted, Decentraland will throw an Elvis Block Party. The Party is intended to attempt a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Elvis impersonators in the Metaverse.

Elvis accessories such as his costume, styled wig, will be available to attendees. Holders of the Elvis Genesis Key NFTs will be awarded officially licensed Elvis Decentraland wearables. 

Following the announcement, Sandbox Metaverse project’s native token jumped about 20% in the first 12 hours.

As for Sandbox, it is rapidly roping in entertainment personalities for its Metaverse ventures. Recently, the Sandbox announced a partnership with Studio Dragon to introduce K-Drama content in the metaverse.

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