IWS FinTech Creates KryptoPips – The World’s First Multi-Broker Rewards Coin

IWS FinTech Creates KryptoPips – The World’s First Multi-Broker Rewards Coin

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(Singapore) – IWS FinTech launches KryptoPips, the world’s first multi-broker rewards coin, allowing brokers to reward their clients for participating in various trading activities. As key drivers of customer loyalty, the rewards coins will enable brokers to acquire new customers and maintain existing ones, thereby growing the brand. The reward coins can help boost business and incentivise trading activity throughout the year.” It offers a customisable multiple-level rewards system to deliver a robust client loyalty program for global brokerage houses.

A number of intended partnerships are set to be announced in the coming weeks, which will see the platform allow various global brokers to plug in, and disrupt the industry by showcasing an entire ecosystem of products and services to delight their partners and clients.

Brokerages across the globe can adopt IWS FinTech’s multi-broker rewards coin KryptoPips to entice traders with benefits, such as:

Generating more rebates while reducing trading commission fees
Participating in the trade activities to earn more discounts and savings
Gaining access to enhanced leverage and other powerful trading tools
Participate in token-related activities to earn incentives and perks

“KryptoPips was borne out of the desire to provide brokers with the ability to benefit more from cryptocurrencies than just from the sale, trade, and investment of it. We started developing the rewards coin in December 2021, and it has been an amazing journey since. In just six months, we are on track with KryptoPips development and its integration to the Wallet, Staking Portal and DEX. Right now, KryptoPips already comes with generous perks, but we plan to add more in the last quarter of this year.”, said Danny Christ, CEO of KryptoPips.

Christ works with some of the most reputable figures in the finance industry as his advisors, Mario Singh, a global finance leader and entrepreneur, Ed Ponsi, the Managing Director of Barchetta Capital Management, and Paul Mladjenovic, CEO of RavingCapitalist.com.

About KryptoPips

KryptoPips is dedicated to providing innovative investors with the tools and opportunities to capitalise on the crypto asset economy within the trading ecosystem. With a strong belief that crypto-assets are the future of money and markets, the company aims to change the perception surrounding digital assets and wealth. For more details on KryptoPips, visit www.kryptopips.com.

About IWS FinTech

IWS FinTech focuses on next-generation technologies that will influence lives in the next decade. By collaborating with the world’s leading corporations through co-development and co-creation to support start-ups and SMEs, it seeks to introduce solutions that will facilitate business operations in the digital age, and help organisations achieve sustained business growth via access to innovative technologies. From blockchain initiatives that expedite the digitalisation of business assets to the formulation of solutions that empower companies to tackle technological and organisational challenges, IWS FinTech provides businesses with opportunities to improve productivity, performance and efficiency.

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