Infosys CEO Shares Metaverse & Blockchain to be a Focus Area

Infosys CEO Shares Metaverse & Blockchain to be a Focus Area

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Infosys CEO & MD Salil Parekh talked about metaverse transformation and blockchain technology as his focus areas while working with the Indian MNC’s clients. 

He also pointed out that interest in quantum and metaverse will increase over the next two to three years.

Parekh hinted at the growing scope of the metaverse in Infosys’ structure, saying, “We are already putting in the foundation blocks that we can start to work with clients on.”

The re-appointed CEO also discussed the real-world applications of the metaverse, predicting that the advancing technology will enter the manufacturing and retail sectors in the “early days”.

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Commenting on blockchain technology, Parekh stated ‌Infosys uses blockchain during payment transactions between countries and institutions, stating that the fundamental technology of blockchain is very important.

When asked about his plans for increasing profitability and game-changers in the next five years, Parekh said, “lots of change is happening,” adding, “Clients are ready to look at Digital afresh. And to match it, Infosys has building capabilities that are relevant to clients. Additionally, Infosys Cobalt has a very deep cloud capability in the market.”

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