Comic Con India Enters Metaverse With NFT Series

Comic Con India Enters Metaverse With NFT Series

India’s greatest pop-culture cosplay convention, Comic Con is entering the metaverse and adventuring into Web3 with a digital collectible (NFT) series: ‘The Non-Fungible League.’ 

‘The Non-Fungible League’ is a limited-edition NFT collectible series created by Abhijeet Kini and is housed on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Abhijeet Kini is a comic illustrator and animator who has created his own mascot for this NFT collectible series called ‘The Non Fungible Man’. 

The Non-Fungible League will release a pfp collection, followed by animated adaptations as new collections and characters, and the crowning achievement–hosting Comic Con India in the metaverse with the league of characters existing in it!

In a statement about the Non-Fungible League digital collection, Karan Kalra, director of Comic Con India, said, “The metaverse and the burgeoning world of Web3 is the next big thing, therefore we wanted to create a collection that bridged the gap between Web3 and pop culture.”

Comic Con and many such venues are acting as a catalyst for forwarding India’s steps into the metaverse. 

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Jatin Varma, Founder, of Comic Con India, commented that the aim is to generate value for collectors saying, “The key is long-term value. And we hope the burgeoning community of NFT collectors and pop-culture fans will trust us like they have in the past with our other venture.”

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