Yuga Labs Files Trademark Complaint Against Initial Otherside Creator

Yuga Labs Files Trademark Complaint Against Initial Otherside Creator

Yuga Labs Files Trademark Complaint Against Initial Otherside Creator

The Otherside metaverse by Yuga Labs is all the rage nowadays but as we look at the events unfolding in front of our eyes it seems that the team filed a trademark complaint against the initial Otherside NFT creator.

Twitter user Alberto Herrera (@AlbertoHra) revealed via a Twitter thread how Yuga Labs approached him considering the entire situation.

Actually, Herrera purchased the domain “othersidenft.com” in September 2021 for their genesis NFT project, which depicts the evil side of the world, and strives to combat human trafficking.

Herrera also created Instagram and Twitter accounts for the collection and launched it under the same name on OpenSea. 

Herrera acknowledged that the initiative was not a huge success, but he still holds it in high regard because it is his Genesis collection.

After six months, Yuga Labs announced the debut of OthersideMeta that generated $561 million in sales within 24 hours.

Herrera didn’t notice anything wrong with it until he got a message from his hosting service last week. Appdetex, representing Yuga Labs, claimed that his website infringed on their trademark.

They requested that he erase all references to the Otherside from his website. Herrera thinks it’s ridiculous because it includes the domain and also the name of his genesis collection.

His hosting service responded that Yuga Labs’ claims were correct and that he should proceed to remove the above-mentioned, thereby erasing the site.

Yuga Labs’ complaint seems ludicrous to Herrera, thus he declined the request by providing proof of hosting. He also stated that he is in the process of communicating with Yuga Labs to clarify his stance.

The NFT community has divided opinions about this situation with half of them saying Herrera should’ve already filed a trademark for his NFT while the other half is claiming that Yuga shouldn’t have proceeded with the complaint without directly consulting Herrera first.

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