YIN Finance Releases Fixed Rate Product Offering

YIN Finance Releases Fixed Rate Product Offering

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YIN Finance is a proactive asset management platform and it’s thrilled to reveal the release of its new Fixed Rate DeFi Product. It promises a stable return on supplied assets.

YIN Finance is a platform that aims to facilitate the flow and investment needs within the existing DeFi landscape – otherwise highly chaotic. Leveraging its open-source protocol, programmable non-fungible tokens, financial rewards, as well as decentralized governance, YIN finance is poised to deliver a number of structured financial products and promises relatively high yields and steady returns.

The platform’s newest Fixed Rate DeFi product represents a financial offering that consists of a combination of derivative assets and other cash-generating tools, including but not limited to staking.

The purpose of the product is to generate steady yields. It’s executed and designed by a professional team of financial analysts from high-end investment firms, as well as designers. It’s maintained by an algorithmic system that’s put in place to monitor the market using key indicators of market analysis to optimize the strategy and ensure steady returns, regarding whether it’s a bear or a bull market.

The product targets retail investors, newer DeFi users, but also institutions. At the moment, yield farming, as well as lending with variable rates is pretty much the majority of the DeFi landscape. Most of the existing protocols offer floating rates that can fluctuate dramatically depending on existing market conditions and momentum. This is usually coupled with the risk of impermanent loss. YIN Finance aims to introduce a sense of stability in an otherwise highly volatile market, while also providing the necessary security.

Every single product will also come with a limited subscription period and expiry date. Before the term expires, users won’t be able to expire. The strike price will remain the same throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Additionally, the platform might not accept new subscriptions when the price gap between the spot price and the strike price becomes too small. Before the subscription, the estimated APY will likely fluctuate, but it will remain fixed and unchanged once the subscription period is through.

In addition, YIN Finance has implemented safety features to prevent any unintended or malicious asset manipulation that could put the investors’ funds in jeopardy. All assets will remain on-chain and the strategy will be carried out through a smart contract – to ensure complete transparency. Moreover, a strict protocol is also put in place by the fund management authority which means that the smart contract can only interact with a small number of well-recognized and received protocols. To cap it off, the fund management authentication will also work only on designated assets such as BTC, ETH, BNB, and BUSD.

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