WaykiChain Spreads Public Welfare, Comes to a Philippine Fisher Village

WaykiChain Spreads Public Welfare, Comes to a Philippine Fisher Village

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A truck loaded with rice, flour, oil, salt, and other daily products departed from Manila, the Philippines’ capital, and drove slowly towards a fisher village in Bulacan on the outskirts of the city. As the road became worse and rocks appeared, the volunteers started to see shabby houses…

On May 29, 2022, the WaykiChain community donated food and daily necessities to the impoverished people of Norzagaray Bulacan in the Philippines.

For better implementation of the local charity program, this time, the WaykiChain community joined hands with the local company Byahero. This is another example of the beneficial cross-border charity cooperation by the WaykiChain community.

The donated goods are limited; however, the number of people in need is not. After the products brought by the truck were distributed, the volunteers found out that not all villagers received what they hoped for, so the volunteers also gave them fishing nets. Hopefully, the new nets will help the villagers in fishing and farming.

When the volunteers finished the goods distribution and were going to leave, they saw a single mother with a thin stature. She came to the volunteers and told her unfortunate story. She comes from a poor family; and her son got sick, which worsened the financial pressure. After hearing about this mother’s hardships, the WaykiChain community volunteers raised a donation for her outside of the original budget.

Currently, the WaykiChain community is in close cooperation and communication with NGOs in multiple countries. We also hope to attract more social forces to our public welfare efforts and to make a greater contribution to global philanthropy.

About Company

WaykiChain is a block public chain focusing on blockchain technology development and related operations. WaykiChain has positioned itself as an infrastructure that is based on both Ethereum and Blockchain, intending to trigger a collective growth of different industries by presenting an enterprise solution.

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