Thomas Edison’s Inventions to Soon ‘Light up’ the NFT Space!

Thomas Edison’s Inventions to Soon ‘Light up’ the NFT Space!

In a perfect ‘science feat history event’, Thomas Edison’s inventions will be launched as NFT to light up your NFT profile!

As per reports, Luckmon CEO David Son announced the official partnership with Song Myeong-Seok, the CEO of Morrowbogi and Chamsori Gramophone Museum and Edison Science Museum. 

As per the announcement, famous director, Son Seong-Mok, will launch a unique NFT project also providing physical ownership of inventions from Thomas Edison. 

The NFT project named “Chamsori Edison NFT” consists of 1,000 real physical Edison inventions with NFTs minted on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. The real Edison inventions include the first light bulb, a stock certificate of Edison Corporation, and a phonograph. 

Moreover, based on the Edison invention, Edison’s voice will be restored with the help of AI, and Edison’s description of each invention will be developed.

David Son revealed, “Over the last 65 years, Director Son Seong-Mok has painstakingly collected an outstanding and significant collection from the famous investor, Thomas Edison, over the span of 60 countries.”

He further added that Luckmon shares the same vision and goal with Director Son to use blockchain technology like NFTs to advocate the educational and historical importance of Thomas Edison and his contributions to our world.

The Chamsori Gramophone Museum and Edison Science Museum in South Korea holds the most wide-ranging collection of Thomas Edison’s inventions. 

Director Son Seong-Mok is the largest private collector of the Thomas Edison collection. His extensive collections include 5,000 gramophones, 150,000 music albums, and 5,000 Edison inventions consisting of the lightbulb, phonograph, and an electric vehicle.

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