Stripe Unveils New Third Party App Marketplace

Stripe Unveils New Third Party App Marketplace

Stripe Unveils New Third Party App Marketplace

The popular payments giant Stripe unveiled an App Marketplace service that provides access to third-party apps as well as scripts produced by app publishers, users, and Stripe itself.

The Stripe App Marketplace features over 50 apps upon its launch like DocuSign, Dropbox, Intercom, Mailchimp, Ramp, and Xero. Over time, more apps will be added.

By integrating the Mailchimp app, for example, a company can now send a tailored message whenever a user completes a transaction.

Customer service representatives can also use the Intercom app to access their entire support and chat history from the Stripe interface, as well as respond to individual concerns.

The marketplace allows developers to add functionality to the Stripe Dashboard directly, and it answers one of Stripe’s top requests from its consumers.

It also allows developers to create both public-facing and private apps for their own use cases. This could be handy for displaying data within Stripe from internal CRM or ERP systems.

Stripe’s scripts that integrate those apps with Stripe will be free to use at first. But because it’s a marketplace, Stripe may charge for some of those scripts in the future if it wants to encourage additional third parties to build apps for that ecosystem.

If users are not already subscribers to third-party apps that are part of those scripts and are paid services, they will be charged directly. Stripe’s platform may eventually support new payment methods.

Stripe’s app marketplace is live now, but app installations won’t be available for a few weeks. The company intends to expand the marketplace in the near future to include apps in languages other than English.

Stripe Apps allows businesses to customize their Stripe accounts and automates the sharing of contextual information across apps, keeping systems of record in sync and providing users with a more complete picture of their organization.

Stripe Apps combines the power of the Stripe API with a new feature called UI Extensions, which allows users to create experiences that run in the background.

Bowen Pan, head of product for Stripe Apps, stated “With Stripe Apps, businesses can customize Stripe with their SaaS tools to best serve their customers. We’re excited for this new chapter and can’t wait to see the ingenuity of all the apps that developers will build in the months and years ahead.”

Stripe has been announcing a slew of new products to go beyond the API that helped it gain fame, and to solidify its position as a platform for financial services and related business infrastructure.

Stripe Data Pipeline was released last week to aid data consolidation with Amazon Redshift or Snowflake Data Cloud. Stripe data is synced with those two platforms so that it can be queried in conjunction with other company data.

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