Sandbox to Surprise ‘The Doggies’ NFT Holders with $SAND

Sandbox to Surprise ‘The Doggies’ NFT Holders with $SAND

Sandbox to Surprise ‘The Doggies’ NFT Holders with $SAND

You know one thing that never disappoints the NFT realm is hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg’s NFT projects. The latest surprise revealed by the Sandbox is an opportunity for Snoop’s Doggies NFT holders to earn $SAND, adding to the stash of benefits of being part of Snoop’s project.

In February, Snoop Dogg’s 3D Avatars ‘The Doggies’ NFT collection was quickly sold out after the launch on The Sandbox. The Doggies comprises 10,000 different Snoop avatars including Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie, Dogg, Robot, and Golden skin Avatars.

A new event will be uploaded to The Sandbox Contest page every week. The holders of Snoop Dogg Avatars are invited to spend time each week in a different experience and show off their avatar.

During the next 4 weeks starting from June 3rd, Snoop Dogg avatar holders will be sharing a prize pool of 1M mSAND, meaning all participants will be sharing 250k mSAND per week.

Contest Schedule

  • Week 1: Alpha Lobby on June 3rd
  • Week 2: Rooftop a la mode on June 10th
  • Week 3: Meet at the Agora on June 17th
  • Week 4: Club XYZ on June 24th

To enter the contest, Doggies NFT holders must connect to The Sandbox account using their Snoop Dogg Avatar.

They should go to the dedicated experiences, which are marked on the map with particular logos. The contest website will provide further information about the event.

NFT owners should hold on to the Doggies NFT until the snapshot is taken; each event’s snapshot will be taken on the last day of the event. There is no raffle for this special contest.

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