Primrose’s “Lost Children of Andromeda” Now an NFT Experience

Primrose’s “Lost Children of Andromeda” Now an NFT Experience

Primrose’s “Lost Children of Andromeda” Now an NFT Experience

The “Lost Children of Andromeda” book series by Jason Michael Primrose based on a fictional apocalypse is now going to be available as an NFT experience.

Primrose has now converted the story into an engaging Ethereum NFT experience. The Ethereum based experiment is an interactive metagame, and also a creative community along with being a “read-to-earn” reward model.

Primrose released the project on Wednesday with a scavenger hunt-style game in the Discord server, the Cynque. It is a visual NFT asset that represents a wearable device such as a futuristic smartwatch which serves a role in the game experience.

There are a total of 1,111 Cynque Genesis NFTs and each of them provide benefits in the game. The NFTs are priced at 0.2222 ETH (approximately $405) to early discord members, and the rates will rise to 0.3333 ETH (about $610) once the public sale commences on June 1. 

Early access to content, the ability to experience the unique holographic elements of future features, and crypto reward tokens are just a few of the benefits.

The author wants it to be a motivational experience based on the author’s own journey. Primrose said that the experiment has two chief purposes.

Firstly, the project focuses on interacting with readers by the help of interactive storytelling features, unique NFT collectibles, and the ability to assist in creating characters. All of which can be incorporated into future novels in the series and its multimedia adaptations. 

Secondly, Primrose said that he wants to inspire the Lost Children of Andromeda community as well as emerging artists to pursue their passions.

The NFTs are powered by BeetsDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that started as an NFT collectors’ group and then transformed into an investor that funds and assists others to build Web3 projects.

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Prior to this, Primrose had worked with collaborators to envision his sci-fi creation through artwork and music, but he wanted to make it interactive, as well. When the NFT market rose to popularity he saw a chance to provide readers an option to buy NFTs and be a part of the story’s future. 

He wanted to take readers deeper into the fictional world, and possibly even affect the stories of upcoming books. The “game” of Lost Children of Andromeda starts when you join the Discord community created by Primrose. 

After the Cynque NFTs, there will be a next drop dubbed DNA “Phials”, which will be 5,555 NFTs that can be destroyed in exchange for an evolutionary character in the story.

Each Evolutionary NFT will include commercial rights similar to the BAYC so holders can utilize and even customize their characters as they want in other creative work and projects. 

The project will also include artifact NFTs which can be claimed via the interactive reading experience, while crypto reward tokens can be exchanged in return of artifacts, character upgrades, and more.

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