OnlyFans Founder Makes Crypto Debut with Zoop On Polygon

OnlyFans Founder Makes Crypto Debut with Zoop On Polygon

The founder of OnlyFans, Tim Stokely is dropping Zoop, a celebrity trading card platform which will be powered by Polygon. The platform enables users to purchase, sell, collect as well as trade 3D digital playing cards of their favourite celebrities and influencers.

Zoop will be led by co-CEOs Tim Stokely and RJ Phillips. Tim will be joining the team to bring his expertise of the creator economy and an evident track record in creating a true tech giant while RJ’s extreme knowledge in growth and scaling will make the team perfect for the leadership role. 

Tim and RJ plan to influence their previous career successes and knowledge of the creator economy to eventually scale Zoop into a global digital trading card ecosystem that will drive value for creators and fans as well. Zoop is planning to announce its first batch of celebrities next month.

Fans will be able to acquire officially licensed, limited edition digital cards, on Zoop along with being able to sell and trade the cards in a secondary market. They will also be able to compete in competitions and challenges to earn points, which will unlock special rewards involving access to like-minded communities.

Zoop will be capitalising the growing blockchain market, which rose to a $40 billion industry last year. The platform plans to collaborate the NFT space with today’s influencer-driven economy to “foster a connection between fans and influencers” via 3D digital trading cards with a fully transparent leaderboard.

RJ Phillips told sources that the platform is going to be family-friendly, with a distinct business model from OnlyFans. In February, OnlyFans also hopped into NFT profile pictures Bandwagon.

Each influencer on Zoop will be permitted to drop 500 cards initially. It will be sold through a Dutch auction. The follow up drops will be decided according to demand. The launch of native tokens is also in plans. 

Before the first launch, Zoop is offering pre-launch Priority Passes (PP) in a very limited number which are currently available on their website. The PP rewards holders with a host of in-app along with real-life perks in addition to dedicated airdrops for PP holders only.  

Users in the US, UK and Europe will be enabled to buy the NFT cards by fiat, while the others will have to purchase them through stablecoins.

Zoop’s digital marketplace will be powered by Polygon blockchain which has become well known for its cheap transaction costs and strong security standard. Furthermore, Polygon has a sustainability commitment to make all their NFTs carbon-negative by the end of the year, which was also a crucial factor for Zoop.

Polygon Studios has been giving Zoop a lot of services like technical support, Web3 game design as well as distribution, asset expansion and more.

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