Mizar Announces Non-Custodial Bot Trading on WOO X

Mizar Announces Non-Custodial Bot Trading on WOO X

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Mizar brings forward a cryptocurrency trading platform that manages, optimizes, and automates trade in a way that doesn’t require users to spend countless hours staring at charts.

Now, the company is proud to announce its new non-custodial bot trading feature available on WOO X.

Mizar partnered with WOO Network back in April, and the main goal of the collaboration was to provide both tools and strategies for the WOO X exchange. With Mizar, users are able to connect their API keys from the WOO X platform and start automating their trading and partake in copy-trading strategies without having to give up the custody of their tokens.

The non-custodial bot trading allows users to quickly and easily automate their trades with various bots that allow for dollar cost averaging and other smart strategies.

It also allows for copy trading for the WOO X community. Users can develop their very own trading bots and even share it with the community.

While most of the bot trading platforms impose some kind of fixed fee structure, Mizar’s users pay fees based on trading volume. Depending on their STAR level, users can reduce fees up to 95%. Coupled with free trading on WOO X, users can trade at very low costs.

The WOO X exchange is essentially a zero-fee trading venue for those traders who want to take advantage of quick and seamless trade execution and high liquidity. It’s the flagship product of WOO Network in the field of CeFi, and it packs together a lot of spot and futures markets featured, as well as institutional-ground products that are accessible to all of its users.

About Mizar

Mizar is a smart trading platform designed to allow anyone to trade by tapping into the wisdom of their peers. It’s a two-sided marketplace that allows users to invest in profitable experts. On the other hand, the experts can monetize their skills with profit sharing. There are a lot of features such as automated trading, code-free creation of bots, and strategy sharing, as well as an integrated and feature-rich interface.

About WOO X

WOO X is a trading platform with fee-less trading for its spot and futures offerings, staking, as well as trade-to-earn rebates. It’s essentially the flagship product of WOO Network.

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