Metacademy Promises ‘Earn While You Learn’ to Business Exec

Metacademy Promises ‘Earn While You Learn’ to Business Exec

The new Web 3 education platform, Metacademy promises business executives who join it to “earn while you learn”.

Metacademy founded by Shelly Palmer, is a consultant famous in crypto circles as the author of a best-selling book on crypto technology and DeFi 2021. 

He is now bringing the contents of that book online and hands-on with an educational platform where consumers can “engage to earn” modules that provide them the skills they need.

Metacademy is not the only platform offering educational content for crypto noobs. From stablecoin issuers like Circle to government institutions like the U.S. Treasury Department, there are a plethora of offers to educate investors about cryptocurrencies and its risks. 

A few companies like Coinbase are even rewarding readers in cryptocurrencies for learning about their modules. Metacademy, anyhow, aims on educating from the top down by targeting executives.

Metacademy’s goal is to give free educational resources for firms that want to educate their employees about purchasing cryptocurrencies, minting NFTs and decentralized finance, as per the press release.

“I want all of my customers to be able to put their executives through [Metacademy] and give everyone the opportunity to understand what a customer journey might look like if they were doing an Engage to Earn project,” Shelly Palmer said.

Users who have signed up for the beta phase have complete lessons on various Web 3 topics and can test their knowledge in Metacademy’s DeFi Sandbox, where they can spend simulated tokens without risking their on-chain security.

Palmer said that users who complete the site’s 14 modules will soon be able to mint their program certification as an NFT, providing them VIP access to Metacademy events as well as experiences.

“Ultimately, we’re really going to drive the engage-to-earn principle by giving things real value,” Palmer added. released its public beta version Sunday morning, and by Monday, 2,000 users had already registered as per Palmer.

In a very similar fashion, the blockchain-based real estate transaction platform Propy introduced a “Learn-and-Earn’ program along with NFT Marketplace last year.

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