Kleks Academy Announces a New NFT, Augmented Reality and Metaverse Project

Kleks Academy Announces a New NFT, Augmented Reality and Metaverse Project

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Kleks Academy, a new blockchain project set to redefine the filmmaking narrative is set to launch both its virtual reality world and its NFT characters. The project was created by producers of highly streamed movies like “365 days” with over 300 million streams, and “How I Fell in Love With a Gangster”.

Although the Klek Academy is not a new story, it is a remake of the well-known classic about a school of magic created many years before Hogwart. The headmaster named Professor Kleks is a master magician who teaches children to expand their minds and uncover their creative potential in his magical world where everything is possible.

The original movie was released 40 years ago and they plan on coming back, but this time not only as a film. They have structures and storylines in place to enable continuity of life in the Kleks Academy outside of a movie through the use of augmented reality and a special metaverse platform.

Although the reality can be easily accessed, it is not accessible to everyone as only holders of a multi-D NFT, an ERC-721 token can gain entry into the Kleks Academy. Each multi-D NFT is assigned a number of FRECKLE$, the utility token of the Kleks Academy ecosystem which is used to power the space. Each multi-D NFT will have a daily release of FRECKLE$ into the FRECKLE$ METER, with a guaranteed amount to be released over a 5-year period.

What is a Multi-D NFT?

A multi-D NFT is a 3D animated NFT with six sides carrying graphics and information, set to be unveiled during cyclical Discovery events in the next 18 months. The multi-D NFT holds several benefits like a chance to visit the movie set during production or actually appear in the film itself, a chance to own original gadgets and costumes used in the film, enjoy access to special outtakes and a screening of the director’s cut.

In addition, each multi-D NFT will include an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the film’s production as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary exclusive to Kleks Academy Members.
Beyond the movie privileges, the multi-D NFT is also an entrance ticket to access various games and challenges, and other fun activities in the Kleks Academy augmented reality.

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About Company:

Kleks Academy Sp. z o.o is a company founded and registered in Poland in 2022. The majority shareholder is Open Mind Production, who is the production team behind the new film series „Professor Klek’s Academy”. Kleks Academy is a dedicated team of 25 + professionals from various industries and from different walks of life that have come together for this groundbreaking project.

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