Joan Cornellà’s MOAR Collection to Unveil the SEIBWOZ Game

Joan Cornellà’s MOAR Collection to Unveil the SEIBWOZ Game

After the successful launch of popular Spanish cartoonist and illustrator Joan Cornellà’s MOAR NFT collection, the second phase of the project, mini game “SEIBWOZ” is set to go live on June 2nd.

On April 13th, FWENCLUB gave a sneak preview of “SEIBWOZ.” It’s a tactical adventure game set in the metaverse during the zombie apocalypse. The MOAR building is home to humans, zombies, and cyborgs. 

MOAR NFT holders will start the game as metaverse survivors battling zombies to save the granny. The winners will receive a free airdrop as a prize.

The game SEIBWOZ is only available to MOAR holders. Before playing, the user must have at least 1 MOAR NFT in their wallet.

You can play on your Metamask app after connecting the Metamask wallet to your MOAR NFT. For the time being, the SEIBWOZ game is only available on mobile devices.

Joan Cornellà’s original artworks will be awarded to the top ten scorers of the game. Users can check the results on the Discord once the event concludes on June 6th.

Participants can still play the game after the given time period, but they will not be eligible to win the reward.

The decision of the FWENCLUB will be final, and all the details regarding the game will be revealed in the Discord channel.

Along with the SEIBWOZ game, which will go live on June 2nd, a staking programme exclusive to MOAR holders will begin at 3 AM UTC on the same day.

The FWENCLUB platform has two plans: NORMAL and SUPER FWEN, in which the user’s pfp is locked up and staked without having to leave their wallet.

They’ll subsequently start receiving exclusive benefits, such as waitlist spots and community prizes, that are exclusively available to holders.

Users can either stake their MOAR NFT in or do it inside the “Staking Room” of SEIBWOZ game when it is launched.

Holders who stake 1 MOAR NFT for 30 days will receive one holders’ exclusive hoodie. Holders who stake 2 MOAR NFT for 60 days will get holders’ exclusive SEIBWOZ 8.6-inch vinyl figure.

The SEIBWOZ figure also comes with free shipping, and the holder will also receive a waitlist spot for the next project. When staking is completed, users can redeem their rewards at

Owners of MOAR NFTs can only participate in the staking program within the designated time frame, and no overtime entries are permitted. There are more revelations to come from the collection so the holders should be on their toes everyday.

Last month, Joan Cornellà’s MOAR Collection unlocked 5,555 NFTs behind the mansion. Currently the floor price of the collection is 1.24 ETH with 11.8k ETH in traded volume on OpenSea.

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