Howling Wolves Launching Their NFT Collection

Howling Wolves Launching Their NFT Collection

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Apart from rewarding stakers and providing a place for trading NFTs, the project seeks to address some of the major limitations of the NFT industry. Mainly, it seeks to boost liquidity and trading capabilities, which is why it is gaining traction fast.

The Howling Wolves theme

The Howling Wolves NFT draws inspiration from a pack of wolves with Laycaon as their leader. Lycaon’s first disciples are the ruling class of the Howling Wolves in a clear hierarchy. Members of this class are known as Alphas, Betas, and Redwolves, most of which began their lives at the very beginning of civilization.

The Howling Wolves have many distinct characteristics that are used to tell them apart. Each Howling Wolf has different clothing, face, eyes, and body type. They are also found in different homes and environments based on their ranks and possess different treasures and trinkets.

You can easily distinguish the ruling class by their extravagant outfits, brightly colored hats, and gloves made of exotic materials. They also bear symbols of their status like scepters, jewels, and famous works of art.

These are mostly found relaxing in exclusive vacation spots, famous museums, and unforgettable landmarks. The rest of the pack tends to wear more common clothing such as suits and ties or regular streetwear found in modern cities.


The Howling Wolves NFT roadmap defines how the project intends to roll out. The first phase is the project development and community buildup.

This will begin with the creation of the NFT collection, then the launch of the website. Next will be the showcasing of the Howling Wolves NFTs and the revealing of rarities followed by a Discord giveaway.

The next phase is the community minting of the Howling Wolves NFTs. In this phase, the project will mint the NFTs and give royalties to Howling Wolves holders. There will also be royalties for early adopters.

The final phase will be the release on the secondary market, which involves floor price sales and burns.

NFT holders can stake to earn Lyacon tokens which can be easily traded for USDC. they will also receive an airdrop next-gen version of Howling Wolves and be able to participate in monthly raffles.

About Company

Howling Wolves NFT is a collection built on a staking platform that lets users digitize and list NFTs for auction or direct sale. Designed to benefit both the sellers and buyers or collectors, in the long run, the platform also enables the staking of NFTs and users get rewarded with a token they can exchange daily.


Howling Wolves boasts of a team of experienced people who are working on making the project a huge success. You can reach them on Discord.

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