Following Smart Contract Audit, Winner Block Announced Token Presale Details

Following Smart Contract Audit, Winner Block Announced Token Presale Details

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With the massive growth of the blockchain industry in the past several years, surpassing the original realm of being the underlying tech behind bitcoin, the groundbreaking technology was primed to be linked with other specific niches and disrupt such markets.

One of those, largely expected to an extent, was online gaming. Being another industry with colossal potential, online gaming skyrocketed in terms of engagement, revenue, and user retention, and projects that tapped blockchain received a permanent boost.

Such is the case with the recently launched Winner Block protocol, which has already made strides in the industry and aims to take it a step further with the upcoming token presale.

Winner Block’s Presale

As the protocol’s white paper explains, the team behind the project has provided more information on how the presale will work and about the tokenomics. The total supply of WBlock will be capped at 100,000,000,000, with 10% going for funding, 30% will be allocated for the presale, the team will get 20%, and the remaining 40% is heading for marketing.

The largest quantity of the presale-oriented WBlock will be at a discounted price. Meaning that 30 billion of the asset will go at a reduced price.

Five billion tokens will be available for the ICO, divided into three price ranges, starting with the lowest possible – 0.00000028 BNB (or roughly $0.00012). The other prices will be approximately $0.00016 and $0.00019.

Following these events, the team has planned a public launch, which is scheduled to go live on PancakeSwap on June 20. However, the price will be significantly different – 0.0000016 BNB (or $0.0007). As of now, Winner Block has reached the second stage of its presale and it managed to collect over 500 BNB so far.

The WBlock token will be used for fundraising (to finance running costs), applications, and marketing. Holders will be able to receive WCards, participate in jackpots, and get paid a % of each draw.

It’s worth noting that the presale and the public launch will take place after the project completed an audit of its smart contract, done by CertiK. The following steps of the roadmap include starting the first donations, improving brand notoriety, and launching a viral campaign.

About Winner Block

Based in London, England, Winner Block is a CertiK-audited online gambling platform based on blockchain tech with an upcoming launch of a designated token that will have multiple purposes within its growing ecosystem.

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