Filecoin Foundation & Lockheed Martin to Deploy IPFS in Space

Filecoin Foundation & Lockheed Martin to Deploy IPFS in Space

Filecoin Foundation & Lockheed Martin to Deploy IPFS in Space

The Filecoin Foundation and the American aerospace tech firm Lockheed Martin announced their plans to develop a program for deploying the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in space, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

According to the blog post, the goal of the partnership is to create infrastructure that will allow people to share information, improve communication, and lower storage costs between Earth and the space.

IPFS is a decentralized data storage and sharing protocol that uses content-addressing to identify files. Protocol Labs created IPFS and also oversaw the development of the Filecoin protocol, which operates alongside IPFS.

Lockheed Martin manufactures satellites and spacecraft for both government and commercial customers. The satellites provide advanced weather warnings, connect troops on the battlefield, and provide GPS directions to people around the world.

IPFS’s decentralized storage format will enable more efficient data transport and communication in space by reducing the number of times data must be transmitted to Earth and returned to space. 

This decentralized storage concept could also help spaceships investigating planets and other celestial bodies with their onboard storage capacity.

Lockheed Martin and the Filecoin Foundation will perform an initial research till August to determine a spacecraft platform for an initial IPFS payload, the component that will carry mission data between Earth, other spacecraft, and the spacecraft itself.

The study will also be done to define the spacecraft bus, the satellite’s primary body and the IPFS payload’s mutual compatibility requirements.

The research is also required to identify potential demonstration missions that will check IPFS’s applicability in space.

The initiative necessitates designing for power, mass, and volume, as well as guaranteeing that the electronics work in space. The initial payload demonstration will be focused on a Low-Earth Orbit mission, with ideas for lunar and interplanetary applications in the future.

Marta Belcher, president and chair of Filecoin Foundation, stated “Using IPFS, data does not need to go back and forth from Earth with every click; instead, when you put in an IPFS ‘content ID,’ that content is retrieved from wherever is closest, rather than being retrieved from a particular server in a particular place.”

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