Famous Celebs & Public Figures Support the Zelenskiy NFT Project

Famous Celebs & Public Figures Support the Zelenskiy NFT Project

After IamUkraine dropped Zelenskiy NFT last week, support from famous celebrities and public figures have started pouring in. As a result, the NFT project is expected to be available to a wide audience. 

The Zelenskiy NFT collection was launched to help the Ukrainian people, and to support the local ecosystem. The project has been appreciated by prominent public figures, who came out in Ukraine’s support and condemned the atrocities against its citizens. 

Director of the collection, Volodymyr Samoilenko commented, “We were very lucky to get support from the leading public persons and celebrities from sport, entertainment, and other areas.”

He stated that the collection will stand as a symbol of the spirit of the Ukrainian people and also as a source of power and support. 

He further added, “We see the vast amount of support as an extremely positive sign for us and the whole Ukrainian nation. We hope that their decisions become a reference point for thousands of other people from all over the world.”

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While the marketing director of the collection, Andrey Vlasov emphasized on how it is extremely important to concrete the image of strength and spirit of the Ukrainian people and President Zelenskiy. 

He said, “We are creating a unique collection of digital art, which comprises more than 10 000 works, to showcase the diversity of Ukraine and its population, embodied in the multiple images of President Zelenskiy.” The collection will be a token of the courage, might, fortitude, and spirit of Ukrainians.

It is worth pointing out that even before the project was released to aid Ukraine, it was recognized globally by well known personalities.

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