Ex-Binance Employees Announce $100 Million Crypto Venture

Ex-Binance Employees Announce $100 Million Crypto Venture

A multi-strategy blockchain investment fund, Old Fashion Research (OFR) has come out of the woods, announcing the launch of a $100 million venture. The group was formed last year by ex-Binance employees, Ling Zhang-VP of M&A and Investments at Binance and Wayne Fu-former Head of Corporate Development at Binance.

“The OFR team has established solid knowledge and a wide range of experience across M&A, investment and incubation from our previous successful portfolio building at Binance,” said Zhang.

OFR aims to invest in crypto-native startups supporting the company from inception to helping them with proprietary research, network, and marketing.

Zhang continued, “Deep down, we are a group of passionate builders, and we are keen to seek founders who share the same long term vision and passion of the crypto industry, and we are determined to grow with them together”.

OFR has been operating silently until now but has invested in over 50 blockchain projects.

A few of its investments are WOO Network, which is a trading platform that features deep liquidity and trading execution at low costs; a move-to-earn NFT game called Genopets; and ZetaChain, the first blockchain and smart contract platform built for omnichain interoperability amongst others.

The funds raised by OFR includes investors from both inside and outside the crypto ecosystem. The lead investor is Wemix, the global gaming platform backed by the listed leading gaming company Wemade.

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