Cube Chain Test-Net Goes Online: A Prelude to Enhanced On-Chain User Experience

Cube Chain Test-Net Goes Online: A Prelude to Enhanced On-Chain User Experience

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Cube Chain, a new modular permissionless blockchain with multi-chain architecture, today announced the official launch of its test-net. Cube Chain is specially designed to unlock the full potential of GameFi, Metaverses, and DeFi. Touted as the next-generation, high-performance network, it boasts features such as low-cost transactions, EVM and Cosmos ecosystem compatibility, and innovative BFT protocol.

With the growth of GameFi, DeFi, and NFT, transaction volumes on chains have increased exponentially, and early public chains have been unable to meet the needs of users. For example, Ethereum takes about 10 minutes to complete a transaction during peak periods and gas fees can reach several hundreds of dollars. To meet the needs of the industry, Cube Chain takes the high-performance Layer 1 blockchain as the base and fundamentally solves the problem of blockchain expansion, providing users with a fast and low-cost trading platform. Core features of Cube Chain include:

Modular layered architecture with built-in and self-developed Collaborative Rollup to ensure transaction security.
“Chaos” Consensus: a brand new pipelined-optimized BFT consensus that comes with high throughput, decentralization, security, and fast transaction confirmation.
Multi-Chain: a decentralized cross-chain communication protocol named “Time Crossing”, which supports cross-chain DeFi contract calls and is compatible with Cosmos IBC protocol supporting a seamless migration of applications within the ecosystems.

To improve the performance of the chain and offer a better user experience, Cube will hold a test-net incentive activity online from May 25 to June 25. During this period, developers can participate in the DAPP deployment competition and receive gas fee rewards. In addition, hackathons will also be held during this period, with grants disbursed to winning teams. It also gives an opportunity for all participants to become the first guests of Cube’s global roadshow and live broadcasts. Users can participate in the Cube DAO organization through the decentralized identity system and experience the test-net. In addition, all participants have the opportunity to share a prize pool of 2000 exclusive NFTs and obtain rights and interests such as whitelist, token priority purchase, priority investment dividends, and other rewards.

Cube Chain will actively participate in the Web3.0 development and construction of decentralized cross-chain protocols, focusing on innovation for Web3.0 infrastructure with the aim to become an integral part of the future Metaverse.

For more information about Cube, please visit:

About Cube

Cube is a high-performance, scalable and modular layer1 public chain, capable of supporting multi-chain and cross-chain architecture. Compatible with EVM and Cosmos ecosystems, Cube is actively committed to participating in the development of decentralized cross-chain protocols and Web3.0 infrastructure to provide users with the next-generation multi-chain experience.

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