Coinbase Wallet now Supports BNB Chain and Avalanche

Coinbase Wallet now Supports BNB Chain and Avalanche

The self-custody Coinbase wallet has introduced a new feature which supports token swaps on BNB Chain and Avalanche.

This feature will allow users to swap a greater variety of tokens.

Until now, the coinbase users could only swap tokens on Polygon and Ethereum.

Coinbase wallet has an in-app DEX feature which makes it easy to access tokens through its trading feature and compare rates across multiple exchanges. 

Users can exchange tokens using the ‘trade’ button on their mobile app or the ‘swap’ icon in the browser extension.

Users will require a particular quantity of native tokens of the network they want to swap on in order to pay the network fees before exchanging on it.

For example, to swap on Avalanche users will need some AVAX in their wallet.

Coinbase wallet also announced that they will integrate more networks in the upcoming months to allow users access to more tokens. 

They are also planning to add support for network bridging, allowing users to seamlessly move tokens across multiple networks.

Recently, the Coinbase wallet also added a new browser extension enabling users to connect more securely to the decentralized app (dapps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) on desktop.

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