BitKeep Debuts Decentralized Crypto Red Packets, Bringing Fun to Social Media Platforms

BitKeep Debuts Decentralized Crypto Red Packets, Bringing Fun to Social Media Platforms

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BitKeep, the top Web3.0 wallet in Asia, launched a new feature named “Crypto Red Packets” on June 1, 2022. As a leader in cross-chain wallets that supports more than 55 mainnets, more than 1,000,000 NFTs, and more than 10,000 DApps, BitKeep is committed to creating a one-stop decentralized crypto wallet that is safe, convenient, and fun to use to cater to its diversified userbase. The newly released feature is intended to bring digital assets into mainstream social media products for the first time, with the aim to provide universal access to the future of Web3.0.

Crypto Red Packets Are for Crypto Wallet Users

BitKeep Crypto Red Packets, the first of its kind, the blockchain counterpart of a popular monetary gift in East and Southeast Asian cultures, is technically innovative, safe and reliable. With this brand new approach to share digital wealth, digital citizens will for sure get more closely connected on social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord.

BitKeep Crypto Red Packets

BitKeep Crypto Red Packets is available through the BitKeep app. The Red Packets containing crypto assets are shared in the form of a URL. A passcode will be used to claim a packet and deposit in the receiver’s BitKeep wallet. For now, Crypto Red Packets can be used to share tokens on 12 mainnets (including BSC, Polygon, AVAX-C, Fantom, Arbitrum, Heco, OKX Chain, Optimism, KCC, FUSE). Tokens on Tron and ClassZZ will be supported soon.

How does the Crypto Red Packets feature work?

Sending Crypto Red Packets in BitKeep is as simple as sending red packets containing fiat currencies in other apps. The only difference is that the sender would have to pay a sum of gas fee when sending Crypto Red Packets.

Just like ordinary red packets in other apps, the crypto red packets that are not claimed nor deposited can be refunded in 24 hours. But, again, the sender would have to pay the gas fee.

Step-by-step Instruction:

It’s reported that since the launch of this new feature, BitKeep has witnessed a constant increase in its user activity. With tokens on multiple mainnets supported, Crypto Red Packet has been embraced by users in the first time and it has become one of the most discussed topics in the BitKeep user community.

In order to celebrate the launch of the Crypto Red Packets, BitKeep will launch a two-week event to share Crypto Red Packets in the BitKeep app and on Twitter. Tens of millions of popular tokens will be given away through Crypto Red Packets to reward new and existing BitKeep users.


Bitkeep, a decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet in Asia, integrates Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp and Launchpad in a Single app. Our mission is to build the world’s largest decentralized WEB 3.0 portal.

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