Binance APAC Head Optimistic About India’s Crypto Future

Binance APAC Head Optimistic About India’s Crypto Future

The Head of APAC at Binance, Leon Foong just revealed that he is optimistic about India’s crypto future and explained that the country has a lot of potential to become a huge market.

Cryptocurrencies have currently been widely adopted by countries worldwide. This new attention has generated heavy crypto adoption. India has started matching up to the world in crypto adoption.

“We saw India’s technology venture capital investment grow almost three-fold to $44.6 billion in 2021. If the right blockchain entrepreneurs can be matched with talent and capital, we will see an acceleration in the number of crypto and Web 3 projects that are built out of India,” Foong said.

He revealed his thinking that the Indian market offers a few chief competitive advantages like having a wide market and a huge number of expert engineers.

As it is home to 1.4 billion people, India has the reputation for growing towards blockchain technology and also the crypto industry.

Leon Foong said that he is positive about investing in India. Anyhow, he believes that a structure which is clear, progressive, and pro-innovation is needed. As the country has commenced taxing crypto investments, Binance looks at this as an investor-friendly measure for the country.

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Foong further said that eventually when the pie is big enough and the Web 3 industry starts garnering a big number of jobs and economic benefits. Further, the multiplier effects from the industry will flow into the economy and ultimately amplify the GDP of India.

Moreover, Foong said that before endorsing Indians to invest in cryptocurrency, it is necessary to get educated on crypto. 

“Binance wants to encourage sensible and considered participation in the Indian digital asset ecosystem through proper education.” He explains that it is crucial that an investor has a thorough understanding of virtual digital assets, including all the risks, before investing anything.

“Otherwise, investors will be left vulnerable to losses. As one of the industry leaders, we take the responsibility of offering Indian investors the right tools and channels to learn about digital assets and the ecosystem,” he added.

As per a Binance survey, approximately 55% of the total population of India is under 25 years of age, and 34% of the Indian population identify as Millennials. 

Just like other groundbreaking technologies, crypto and blockchain have a much bigger adoption rate in younger generations as they tend to be more tech-savvy.

“Millennial and Gen-Z investors are choosing crypto over other asset classes like mutual funds, gold, equities due to the chance to own a piece of upcoming technology space.”

Till now, Binance’s investment strategies have worked exponentially well. Their approach towards India seems to be progressive as well as promising. However, the RBI Governor Raised Concerns Over Crypto Following the LunaUST Crash, so it is unclear what the regulators will do next for the crypto market.

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