Axie Infinity Reveals the First Winners of its Builders Program

Axie Infinity Reveals the First Winners of its Builders Program

Axie Infinity Reveals the First Winners of its Builders Program

The online game Axie Infinity has revealed the first winners of its Builders Program. 2021 proved to be a year of NFTs and crypto games. Many games reached global fame, attracting large sums of money into the cryptomarket.

The company behind Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, included 12 projects into its Builders Program on May 31st. The program is based upon building new gaming experiences to help grow the number of users, as it has decreased exponentially just like the value of its native tokens.

According to the press release, the startup selected 12 projects out of over 2,000 applications. The winners will be rewarded $10,000 in AXS, Axie Infinity’s native token for funding their projects’ growth. Winners will also be enabled to monetize them on a shared basis through the game’s branding.

Axie Infinity wants to rise once again just like it did in 2021, and its new Builders Program is counting on its community to reach this target.

Sky Mavis is also dropping the Builders Program in an effort to give a better and more engaging user experience.

Through the Builders Program, the team of Axie Infinity will leverage the skills and experience of its community and will drop new game modes that assist to “strengthen the Axie ecosystem.” 

Sky Mavis has announced that it is collaborating with big game developers to create new experiences on both Axie Infinity and Ronin, its separate blockchain network.

The head of gaming product for Axie Infinity, Philip La has commented that co-creating projects with the Axie Infinity community “will be a key driver of value generation at scale over time.”

Axie was recently in the news when Axie Infinity’s Discord bot got compromised in a phishing attack. However, Axie was not the only victim; NFT collections such as RTFKT, PXN, Memeland, and Cool Cats all had their admin accounts compromised.

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