Award-winning Crypto Game Stonk League Introduces GameFi Player Rankings

Award-winning Crypto Game Stonk League Introduces GameFi Player Rankings

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StonkLeague, an NFT crypto game in which players earn and can obtain verified reputations, is pleased to announce the release of GameFi Player Rankings. The rankings have been designed to allow gamers, investment advisors and finfluencers to build valuable, verified reputations in the crypto gaming and DeFi markets through an automated crypto index strategy and dynamic leaderboard of retail traders.

Through the fast-growing fantasy gaming genre, StonkLeague investors gain access to a live trading interface with real trading data on digital assets.

Reduce the Risk of DeFi for Debutants and Pros

People are entering the investment markets at a younger age, and an increase in investors are being introduced to investing through the rapidly growing blockchain sectors, namely gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). Yet, as more DeFi, NFT and gaming metaverse platforms are introduced, not only the rewards, but also the risks rise.

Increasingly, these investors are turning to “financial influencers” on social media platforms for advice on how to navigate these markets and pursue their earnings opportunities. However, until now, there was no way to measure the performance and rate the credibility of this community. The DeFi and gaming industries have lacked a “Morningstar” to provide data-driven analysis and insights.

StonkLeague: Top-of-the-morning Fantasy Crypto Gaming Platform

StonkLeague provides a platform where finfluencers can build a verifiable reputation on a play-to-earn digital asset gaming and trading platform.

Competing in leagues with friends and family, players compete for rewards in cryptocurrency by applying their fundamental market analysis and predictive skills while playing fantasy games.

While players are engaging in competitive crypto games, the app dynamically tracks the game results and ranks each player. As they build credibility and a reputation, other players will follow them, recommend them to their peers, and pay for their advice.

A Stonk League verified reputation can open the door to many new opportunities. With a stellar reputation, players can launch their own leagues and games.

For those who are or aspire to be a finfluencer, a verified reputation proving aptitude in analyzing and predicting crypto markets, and demonstrating other game skills, can boost your YouTube and other social media followers.

A Gaming Gateway to Verified DeFi Experts

The rankings are designed to make decentralized finance (DeFi) easier to use and more accessible to retail investors. Permissionless open finance has introduced not only unprecedented innovation, but also complexity, especially for new investors.

While having fun playing crypto games on StonkLeague, the newcomer can learn all about DeFi investing and popular new asset classes, including how to earn, collect, invest, and play with NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Gamification is applied to reduce two of the largest barriers to DeFi, complexity and trading risk. We expect many more investors to make the leap from traditional to decentralized finance while learning crypto investment skills while playing games on StonkLeague. In doing so, they can develop skills in one of the fastest-growing gaming sectors, fantasy games.

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The Hotgates of Thermopylae:

Get access to the much-awaited Stonk League Game by participating in the different competitions on Discord and win AEGIS tokens. Public Sale coming soon.

About StonkLeague

StonkLeague offers retail traders fun, low risk access to crypto markets. StonkLeague has created a trading metaverse seated in the ancient world. Players become the financiers of conquests for their faction of choice and predict the markets to earn AEGIS tokens, which can be used to levy armies and conquer territory on StonkLeague’s interactive board game-style digital campaign map.

The winner of each battle earns territory NFTs. These NFTs award the bearer players and factions with unique in-game perks and a portion of the platform revenue.

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