Agoraverse: A Next-Gen E-Commerce Shopping Center on Solana

Agoraverse: A Next-Gen E-Commerce Shopping Center on Solana

Blockchain concepts such as metaverse and Web 3.0 have been gaining interest from crypto and mainstream users. The idea of creating a new identity and engaging in day-to-day activities while earning monetary rewards in a virtual world is quite intriguing.

As more people continue to embrace the metaverse, blockchain developers are exploring and building new projects across different niches to provide an immersive experience and more earning opportunities for users.

Currently, though, many metaverse projects are focused on entertainment, especially gaming, but Agora is seeking to revolutionize the way people shop online.

What is Agora

Agora is a shopping metaverse built on the Solana blockchain. It is the first of its kind metaverse e-commerce platform that seeks to offer users a whole new way of shopping for their favorite items.

Agora intends to become a next-gen virtual shopping mall where companies, non-fungible token (NFT) projects, and influencers can showcase and sell their products in true Web 3.0 fashion.

The platform will feature clothing shops, furniture stores, art shops, digital artworks like NFTs, and any use case that fits with the metaverse. Agora will also feature leisure spots, including restaurants, mini-games, bars, and clubs, to make its ecosystem enjoyable for gamers.

Agora is an ambitious metaverse project that is determined to take online shopping to the next level. The project’s ambition, however, is anchored by its long-term vision of helping people become shop owners in the metaverse and improving customers’ online shopping experience. It plans to deliver on its promises one at a time, providing quality and reliability while maintaining focus on the long-term vision.

Agoraverse Features

Agora Metashops

The Agora will have multiple metashops that allow individuals and businesses to open online stores inside the metaverse and create interactive experiences with their customers. Metashop owners can organize product launches and have employees help customers using live chat or text.

Users can sell both real-life and virtual items in the form of NFTs. If a customer purchases a virtual item, it will be sent to their wallets in the form of NFTs, and if the person buys real-life items on the Metashops, the products will be delivered to the buyer’s shipping address in the same manner as traditional e-commerce platforms.

Agora Lofts

The Lofts are a collection of 5,555 private flats that are located in the heart of Agora, and users are required to purchase an Access Card NFT to own one. The Lofts are intended for more intimate interactions, including work, relaxation, and bonding.

There are three categories of Lofts on Agoraverse, the Standard Loft, the Premium Loft, and the Exclusive Loft. Each category of Lofts has features that make them appealing to players.

Users can customize their Lofts however they wish to reflect their personalities. They can decide to turn it into a living space, an office, or a metashop where they can either make active income selling items or passive income by renting it out.

Loft owners can decide whether to make their flats public or private, and they can host meetings and events or invite friends over. The integration of voice chat in the Lofts will make it easier for owners to communicate with their guests. They can also test the items they purchased inside Agora to see how they look and decide whether to buy them for their real apartments.

The Agora Token

AGORA is the native token of the Agoraverse, and it has a fixed supply of 1 billion units. The token is designed to bridge blockchain utility to real-world utility. Hence it can be used to purchase both digital and real-world items on the Agoraverse. More about the token can be learned here.

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