29 Moonbirds NFTs Worth $1.5M Gets Stolen in Phishing Attack

29 Moonbirds NFTs Worth $1.5M Gets Stolen in Phishing Attack

29 Moonbirds NFTs Worth .5M Gets Stolen in Phishing Attack

The NFT community should be more than vigilant at times like now when the scammers are rising at an exponential rate. The most recent case being a user losing 29 Moonbirds NFTs valued at about 750 ETH, approximately $1.5M in a phishing attack.

Twitter user 0xLosingMoney revealed the details of the phishing attack accusing user DVincent_ as the hacker. However, DVincent_’s account is not available right now along with its accompanying OpenSea page. 

DVincent_ offered user DigitalOrnithologist to trade for his NFTs on the p2peers.io website. The victim then approved the hacker’s wallet to transfer his NFTs.

The p2peers site, which is registered to a Finnish domain business, seems to be unavailable currently. The hacker then transferred 29 Moonbirds and other NFTs from the victim’s wallet to his in less than 5 hours. 

Before this attack, DVincent_ approached a number of other NFT holders for private sales, according to 0xLosingMoney.

BAYC holder just1n_eth revealed “We came to an agreement on price. Then this individual insisted we use a platform called ‘p2peers.io’. I have been in space [for] over a year and hadn’t heard of it. I instantly knew something didn’t seem right.”

Multiple other users came out saying the same thing happened to them, and identified DVincent_ as the same culprit.

Twitter user and NFT holder knownasdollar revealed that Proof Collective and its members have already half-doxxed the alleged perpetrator, and are currently working on a full report to the FBI.

The latest crypto scams serve as a stark reminder to NFT owners to be cautious when interacting with third-party platforms and to double-check everything given by others, although if they seem to be credible.

The NFT community continues to be affected by phishing attacks, notably on Twitter. Recently, hackers acquired access to Beeple’s Twitter account and carried out a phishing attack. The scammers got around $438k in the form of ETH, wETH, and 45 NFTs from collections including the MAYC, VeeFriends, etc

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